Painless Laser Hair Removal

Introducing MotusAZ+

A Breakthrough in Pain-Free Laser Treatments

Eliminate the need to shave, tweeze or wax with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin types. Moveo HR makes it possible for all to benefit comfortably and safely from the most powerful wavelength for hair reduction, the Alexandrite (755 nm) laser.

The magic behind MotusAZ+ is the exclusive moveo (Italian for move) technology found in the laser’s handpieces. Unlike traditional laser treatments, the MotusAZ+ delivers energy as a cooled sapphire tip handpiece glides smoothly over the surface of the skin. The direct contact and gradual delivery make treatments more comfortable, safer for more skin types and increases the amount of energy absorbed where you want it most.


SKINCLUSIVE™Safe on all skin tones & types

PAIN-FREEComfortable and painless

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYOptimal results with fewer treatments

What Does It Feel Like?

"I started with my armpits and bikini line-the areas of my bodythat are most likely to revolt after shaving. The whole thing took 15 minutes, and guys, I'm not even kidding, it didn't hurt at all. For the most part, it just felt like someone was gliding a cold metal spoon over my skin."- Lauren Balsamo, Cosmo Beauty Editor


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this treatment work on any skin tone?

    Yes! One of the revolutionary aspects of the Motus AZ+ is the ability to offer Skinclusive Alexandrite laser hair removal technology to patients with ALL skin tones from light to dark.

  • Is it truly painless?

    Yes! The gradual heating of this device eliminates the “rubber-band” sensation that most laser devices generate. Instead, treatments are comfortable and quick. The Motus AZ+ also features integrated contact cooling to add to the unmatched comfort.

  • How long does it take?

    The total treatment time depends on the size of the areas being treated, with some treatments being completed in as little as 5 minutes!